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International Conference on Advances in Cement and Concrete Technology

Today, cement and concrete experts are at the cutting edge to sustainable, green, healthy but nonetheless high performance concrete. Concrete is the only building material that can overcome the future challenges for the African construction sector, namely an enormous need for infrastructure and housing in a geographically and climatically demanding environment. Africa’s resources offer the unique opportunity to build up a cement and concrete market based on the highest available state of technology.

ACCTA 2013 is the first international conference initiated from the SPIN project (Spearhead network for innovative, clean and safe cement and concrete technologies), that is a cooperation between European and African leading research institutions from the fields of materials research.

This conference aims to cross-link experts in the field of cement and concrete technology with key players from research institutions, industries, associations and policy-making bodies. The aim is to establish a sustainable and economically efficient cement and concrete technology in Africa with impact on the world-wide.

Conference themes

  • State-of-the-art of concrete technology in developing countries
  • Case studies and concepts
  • Characterisation of cementitious materials
  • Mixture composition, additives and chemical admixtures
  • Innovative use of concrete and high performance concrete
  • Natural materials and innovative technologies for construction
  • Design and evaluation of structural and durability behaviour of concrete elements
  • Durability and structural evaluation of concrete structures
  • Concrete technology for sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Education, standardisation, future research and visions for construction technology in developing countries
  • Social, economic and environmental aspects of cement, concrete and concrete construction

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