The general objective of EDEFU project consists on investigating, developing and to validate with prototypes on scale, new technologies of heating, development of new materials to improve the heat insulations, new efficient designs and innovating recovery systems of residues generated in the own one make, so that they can allow the main consuming industries of energy, the beginning of a new era of eco-efficient companies.

The ratification of the success of the project will be demonstrated through the validation carried out with 4 demonstrators developed and implemented using new technologies for the sector involved in the project: Foundry, Glass, Cement and Ceramic. Quantified technical targets will reach

  • 20% reduction in power consumption based on different process assessments
  • the null particle emission to the atmosphere through own integration in the process
  • the transformation of heat loses in other exploitable energies
  • the reduction in at least 50% in the generation of wastes through innovating recovery system of wastes of internal form
  • and the reusability of the 100% of the generated CO.

These developments, will allow the generation of new furnaces with higher energy efficiency and a minimal environmental incidence and will led to reach other objectives not mentioned initially but also important. One of the economic parameters that underlies in any industry is the economic productivity and its ratios. These two aspects will be two new objectives to reach through technical improvements, reduction of melting times, minor maintenance power consumption, energy storage, and so on.

The results of EDEFU project will produce, new furnaces, with improved energy efficiency, and will allow foundry, glass, cement and ceramic industries to reduce the high CO2 emissions and energy consumptions associated with their day to day activity and increase economic and environmental benefit. The EDEFU project will contribute to drive Europe in a reference and leadership position on the energy efficiency at the international level.

The obtained results will be of direct application in the industries involved in the project: Foundry, Glass, Ceramic and Cement. Other sector as automotive, aeronautics, railway,… will take advantage of the results of EDEFU project. In particular components that would be made with these new technologies like crystals of the vehicles, motor aluminium block, the own cement of the buildings, the ceramic bricks, floor tiles, porcelain,… furniture urban, feeding (cabbage-cutters, beaters,…), in electronic, the housing, connectors, electrical sector, subjections of electrical laying, .......and so on.

In addition these developments can be applied in other sectors like the food preparation.

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