Type: IND | Country: Germany

Brief description of the organisation/department/laboratory:

CERApro is a company working Europe wide since 10 years in the field of heating systems. We are supplying as well heating elements (from different producers – world wide) made of metallic alloys as of own bonded SiC, MoSi2 heating elements and also complete heating systems which a combination actual used heating sources with modern ceramics. The supplied heating elements / systems are used in different application fields (melting of NE metals, sintering of ceramics and ferrites, heat treatment of metals a. o.) in temperature fields up to 1700°C.

We are continuously trying to improve the actual heating systems and solutions using the input form the customer. Our target is to find solutions for existing problems of actual used heating systems.

Main tasks assigned in the project:

Specifications and development of heating elements (WP3)

Previous experience in the field:

Replacement of metallic heating systems in the aluminium warm holding furnace by ceramic protection tubes in combination with metallic elements.

Development of complete ceramic immersion heating systems for aluminium industry including the power control systems.

Persons assigned to the project:

STEIN Waldemar, managing director since 2000.

Most relevant Publications / Patents:

  • Patent Nr. 4309267 – special coating for ceramic products
  • Patent (Russia) 2007140048/2 – possible measurement systems at production of primary aluminium
  • Protection 299 00 909.02 ceramic drills

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