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Brief description of the organisation/department/laboratory:

CIRCE Foundation (Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption) was established in 1993 as an independent Centre of Research by the University of Zaragoza, the Regional Government of Aragon and the Endesa Group. In 2006 the SAMCA Group became the fourth Foundation member. CIRCE currently has a staff of over 130 full time people including researchers, collaborating professors and administration staff. The variety of profiles and the multidisciplinary nature of the staff allow CIRCE to create the most efficient team for each case, capable of producing high quality results. Since 1993, CIRCE has conducted more than 1.200 projects, being the 2008 approximated budget (including the Masters run by CIRCE) of 6 M€. In the year 2001, CIRCE was recognised as a National Innovation and Technology Centre. The Centre is organized in four divisions: Thermal, Natural Resources, Electrical and Energy Efficiency and Technology Transfer.

Main tasks assigned in the project:

CIRCE main contributions are:

  • Aluminium Furnace Design and Simulation (Thermal Division): for the design of the 400 KG/h Aluminium Furnace and its optimization, simulation will be carried out.
  • Overall optimization (Natural Resources Division): the waste heat of the processes will be assessed, and solutions will be searched aiming a double goal: first minimizing the energy losses and secondly finding a use (internal or external) for the waste heat.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (Energy Efficiency Division): this task will allow minimizing the cost/benefit of the required effort for optimization during the design phase, as well as to account and validate the application of the methodology.

CIRCE will also participate in tasks related to energy and environmental issues in specifications, methodology development, validation and dissemination.

Previous experience in the field:

Simulation: Thermal division has experience in numerical simulation of diverse energy-related equipment, such as gas and particle flow in coal mills and cyclone separators and flow, reaction, transfer and formation of pollutants in pulverized-fired utility boilers.

Energy optimisation: Natural Resources Division has experience in applying Thermo-Economics (including an on-line thermoeconomic diagnosis system) to very complex energy systems as a coal power and a IGCC plant, or even a dual-purpose power and desalination plant.

Persons assigned to the project:

Prof. Cristóbal Cortés is the director of the Thermal Division of Fundación CIRCE since 1993. He has simultaneously pursued a university career: tenured Professor since 1995; Chair Professor of Energy Systems in the University of Zaragoza since 2003. Participation in R&D projects: national funds: 9; EU framework: 7; EU coal and steel: 8; non-competitive and private funding: 24. Publications: peer-reviewed journals: 36; conference proceedings: 43. Advised PhD theses: 6.

Javier Uche Marcuello. He is lecturer at the University of Zaragoza (thermal engineering) and Ph. D. industrial engineer since 2000. He joined CIRCE Foundation in 1995. Since then, he has worked in the R&D centre of Enagás (natural gas Spanish supplier), in Teruel coal fired Power Plant Station (1.050 MW) and in the optimization of dual purpose power and desalination plants (Abu Dhabi). He has more than 20 papers in scientific journals and several communications in international Conferences. He is currently Director of the Natural Resources Division of CIRCE, and leaders the research line of “energy quality optimization” interaction.

Alfonso Aranda PhD Thesis on Sustainable Energy Models for Spain. A perspective from eco-efficiency. MSc in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. BSc in Economics and Mechanical Engineer by the University of Zaragoza. He is Director of the CIRCE’s Energy Efficiency Division. He has been working in CIRCE since 1997, belonging to the Research Group “Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-efficiency”. He has led more than 25 R&D projects. He is author and co-author of more than 40 papers and books on energy efficiency; he has participated in many international congresses related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Special Equipment available for the project:

Exergy calculator (developed by CIRCE) to calculate exergy of diverse flows and compositions of the process inputs/outputs will be applied.

The software to be employed will be Sima Pro 7.1 and the data bases will be Ecoinvent v2.0, IVAM v4.06, BUWAL 250, IDEMAT, Data Archive, ETH-ESU, Industry Data, Franklin.

Most relevant Publications / Patents:

  • J. Uche, A. Valero, L. Serra. Exergy costs and inefficiency diagnosis of a dual-purpose power and desalination plant. Journal of Energy Resources and Technology, 129, pp. 186-193 (2006)

Previous participation in other projects:

Thermoeconomic diagnosis system (SDG) to Teruel Coal Fired Power Plant. ENDESA S.A., 2003-2006.

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