Type: RTD | Country: Germany

Brief description of the organisation/department/laboratory:

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Advanced Materials IFAM, Department for shaping and functional materials, has premises in Bremen and Dresden. There it works on problems in powder metallurgy and casting of metallic parts and components with a minimum of post-machining. The Institute carries out feasibility studies and prototype and pilot production of components, in order to give its customers a reliable estimate of the costs of later production. For this purpose, the technical centres and applications centres for casting technologies possess equipment for the complete production chain from metal powder or other materials through to prototype components or pilot production. The institute also cooperates with companies in developing products in the field of powder technology, for example metal foams or fillers for electrically conducting polymers; these can be developed as far as the demonstrator stage. The department for shaping and functional materials cooperates with the department for bonding technology and polymers in joint projects. The specialist knowledge and technical equipment of the entire institute are available for solving problems covering both fields. There is a laboratory for determining grain sizes and for thermal analysis.

Main tasks assigned in the project:

Main task of IFAM in the project EDEFU is to identify the needed thermo physical data, simulation, specification, design and furnace set-up and scientific validation of the furnace. IFAM will also work together with the project partners in the dissemination activities.

During the developing process of the refractory material IFAM will work together with the partners for the assessment of the thermo physical data of the refractory and the insulation material. With the data of the developed material, its know how on furnaces and the needed characteristics IFAM work in the specification of the new furnace system for aluminium. For that simulation will be done by IFAM. The results of the simulation will be the base for the design which will be done under the headline of company in narrow cooperation with INASMET.

Previous experience in the field:

For the last 15 years IFAM worked in casting technologies like high pressure die casting, gravity die casting sand casting and Lost Foam. Especially in furnace development IFAM have made different projects together with industrial partner. For example IFAM have tested furnace systems under industrial conditions with different amounts of melt extraction and melting capacities. The resulted thermal behaviour, energy consumption, efficiency and accuracy and control rate of the control system where evaluated.

Persons assigned to the project:

Dr. Hermann Pleteit is 41 years old and joined IFAM in 2002. He is physicist and gained his PhD in 2001 about “Modelling of the Keyhole-Dynamik during Laserwelding of Al-aloys” at the university of Bremen. At IFAM he is a project manager for simulation and research projects.

Dipl.-Ing. Franz-Josef Wöstmann is 35 years old and joined Fraunhofer IFAM in 2004 as leader of the foundry department. He have studying production engineering. His Diploma Thesis was in the field welding technologies for aluminium high pressure die casting under serial conditions. He have experience in project management, different casting and production technologies and cooperation with industrial partners since 10 years.

Previous experience:

With a workforce of more than 200 employees, around 80% having university degrees, and strong activities in R&D projects, IFAM, well known in the EC as active German R&C centre in cooperative projects involving SMEs, has a large experience in managing and participating in all kind of European projects development. In the last ten years IFAM has participated in more than 15 European funded projects.

EU-projects with participation of the IFAM casting department:

  • Foinmoulds; Contract number: COOP-CT-2004-508647
  • MG Chassis; Contract number: G3RD-CT-2000-00287

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