Type: RTD | Country: France

Brief description of the organisation/department/laboratory:

The Bordeaux Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry (ICMCB) belongs to the French National Research Centre (CNRS). The research activities cover most of the current problems of modern solid state chemistry, solid state physics and materials science. One of the main features of the research is chemical bonding in relation to materials properties, and there is a strong correlation between fundamental research and applications.

The main fields of investigation aimed at applications are materials for electronics; mechanical and thermal high performance materials; materials for data storage, display and optics; and materials for energy storage and conversion. There are 200 members in the ICMCB: 18 professors, 16 lecturers, 17 research directors, 12 research fellows, 42 engineers and technicians, 80 PhD students and 11 associate scientists.

Main tasks assigned in the project:

The main tasks to be developed by CNRS are

  • The optimisation, elaboration and characterisation of the new refractory materials with designed properties,
  • The recovery and the chemical and structural characterization of the emitted particles,
  • The fabrication, from these emitted particles, of FGM with metallic and ceramic matrices having designed properties

Persons assigned to the project:

Dr. Jean-Francois SILVAIN. He has over 16 years of research experience in metal matrix composites, characterisation and processing technologies. He has been participating in and leading private, national and European funded projects. He gained his PhD in Materials Science in the University of Bordeaux. He is nowadays a research director in the Ceramics and Metal Matrix Composites group at ICMCB.

Pr. Jean-Marc HEINTZ. He is a professor in Material chemistry at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et Physique de Bordeaux (ENSCPB). His courses are dealing with thermodynamics of solids and processing of materials. His research activities are related to powder synthesis, sintering and ceramics with an emphasis on sintering mechanisms and the role of chemistry on microstructure of materials prepared by powder metallurgy methods. He is now involved in the development of WPS sintering at ICMCB.

Previous participation in other projects:

Since its foundation, ICMCB has collaborated successfully with industrial concerns in other European countries under the auspices of various EU research programs such as ESPRIT, BRITE/EURAM, and CRAFT.

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