Type: SME | Country: Spain

Brief description of the organisation/department/laboratory:

INDAL is specialised in the casting of aluminium alloys parts.

The characteristics of the cast aluminium pieces:

  • Weight: 100 kg.
  • Dimensions: 1500 x 800 x 400 m3
  • Series: miminum production of 1 day
  • Finishing: machining
  • Technical specifications: high demanding mechanical and metallurgical properties

Manufacture of cast aluminium pieces by gravity casting in metallic mould.

Business type: Industrial Business as subcontracting to manufacture pieces as drawed

Pieces to manufacture:

  • Weight: to 100 kg
  • Maximum size: 1500x800x400 mm
  • Series: minimum 1/day
  • Current technologies: 3 gas melting furnaces and several electric maintenance furnaces.
  • Centralized system of degassing, semiautomatic moulding. Quality laboratory to carry out material analysis and measurement devices.

Main tasks assigned in the project:

  • Define the furnaces technical specifications from the end users (Non ferrous metals).
  • To carry out the a large scale demonstrator to be validated by the end users in Al metal casting.
  • Set up of demonstrator.
  • Validation tests on the demonstrator: Energy, cost and production efficiency.

Persons assigned to the project:

Alberto Iglesias: Started at Indal Casting on 2005. He has been working as foundryman for 4 years. He is responsible for preparing the cast ingots, and furnace controller; on 2008 he was promoted to responsible of foundry workshop.

Mariano Diez: Technical Studies. He started in 1997 as quality manager; he works in the area of quality and Business administration.

Igor Garabalza: Industrial engineer. He works since 2009 as head of the technical department.

Special Equipment available for the project:

Spectrometers, raw material, mould systems and several workshop equipment.

Previous participation in other projects:

Development of light alloys (Al-Mg based) to be applied as consumer goods. Improvement of the technological properties: casting, shrinkage, internal flawless, etc. of the alloy Al-Mg (AG3T): Metallurgical parameters characterization to implant a working methodology to set up the liquid metal prior to the product manufacturing. Establish a methodology to fill and feed any piece of the working alloy. Selection of best productive process (techniques and people resources) to apply the obtained results.

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