Type: SME | Country: France

Brief description of the organisation/department/laboratory:

MARION TECHNOLOGIES is essentially dedicated to formulation, development and « custom-made » production of nano-structured materials and ceramic powders for industrial use. Materials synthesized by “soft chemistry” point out better original and technical properties than the same materials synthesized by classical manufacturing processes. MARION TECHNOLOGIES is in charge of providing, for a specific application, a global response to a “Material” problem. The company carries out the process implementation, the development and the scaling-up. MARION TECHNOLOGIES currently has a minimum production capacity of 40 tonnes.

Powders and suggested materials are specifically optimized for each application, especially ceramic powders, from simple oxides to the most complex multi-elements. There are many applications: electronic ceramics, coatings, catalysis, energy storage, loads for paintings, cosmetics.

Main tasks assigned in the project:

MARION TECHNOLOGIES will be involved in the 2 work-package, especially for the task 2 & 8. Task 2 consists in the development of ceramic reinforcement to be used in refractories (synthesis of a composite material with low interfacial strength, other different powders); task 8 consists in the up-scaling of materials for prototyping (using Marion Technologies equipments and Analysis Laboratory).

Previous experience in the field:

MARION TECHNOLOGIES rely on multidisciplinary team of 14 people in the field of the science of materials (physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrochemistry, electronics, carbon nanotubes).

MARION TECHNOLOGIES know-how enables a perfect control of: chemical composition, purity, particles morphology, granulometry, specific surface.

Know-how based on the synthesis of ceramic nanomaterials with a perfect control of morphology and usual properties such as thermal conductivity.

Persons assigned to the project:

Joseph SARRIAS, 46 years old (Chief Executive Officer): 15 years as Research Engineer in Toulouse Material Research Center. Many participations in EU/ANR projects (above mentioned).

Jaouad SALMI, 39 years old (R&D Manager): Doctor in Science of Materials. Participations in EU/ANR projects (above mentioned).

Pascale ESCAFFIT, 34 years old (Production Manager), Doctor in Sciences of Materials, up-scaling specialist

Special Equipment available for the project:

Equipments for synthesis (reactors from 10 to 2200L; centrifuge, furnaces under air or controlled atmosphere; air spray dryer);

Test equipments from the Analysis Laboratory (ICP-AES; BET; Laser Granulometer and/or Nanosizer; X-Ray Diffractometer).

Previous participation in other projects:

National Research projects: PAN-H CONDOR (PCFC fuel cells) or 4-CELESTE (process materials project)

European Research projects: IDEAL CELL (PCFC/SOFC fuel cells)

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